Our Tapestry Comfort Girth is the only girth that HUGS your horse!

This revolutionary design does more than simply hold the saddle in place – it breathes with your horse to improve comfort and performance.


If Your Horse had a Voice

Our patented products offer comfort and increased performance. A happy horse is a happy rider.
Our Tapestry Comfort Girth is the ultimate girth.  The elastic hugs the rib cage which increases comfort and breathing room while holding your saddle firmly in place. 


English Comfort Girth

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Dressage/Monoflap Black Comfort Girth

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Dressage/Monoflap Havana Comfort Girth

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Western Comfort Girth

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"He is a sensitive guy who doesn't like to be closed in. The first time I used the girth, he already felt better. He felt like he could breath!  I've tried my other double end elastic on him now and again and he hates it. The saddle even fits differently. We are very happy since switching and would not choose another product."

Danielle Maria

 I have several pairs of Spursuaders and take them with me to clinics. I find they are fabulous on horses that are sensitive to spurs and for riders who perhaps don’t have a secure enough leg position to control a spur. Works every time.

Bernie Traurig, Olympian and Legendary Coach

I absolutely love the products!  I live in the neckstrap but yours is several notches above anything that I have as far as quality. The girth you sent me is phenomenal! It makes such a difference on the mare that is funny about the girth that it is incredible, I’ve never seen anything work quite that well!

Stephen Bradley, US Olympic Event Rider

 "I've used the Tapestry Comfort
Girth on 10+ horses. I find their toplines to be softer, and they have a quicker desire to stretch into the bridle. Those that are
irritated by being girthed, now stand with a leg resting and an at ease face. I just put it on a client horse the other day and the owner was surprised she wasn't making faces and trying to nip! I use it on everyone now! I highly recommend it!"

Cedar Potts-Warner, Asst. Trainer Baroque Farms

Linda I bought a pair of Western Spursuaders at the Mane Event in Chilliwack last year. I barrel race and love them.  These ones are for a friend so I can get mine back!!!

Allison Cameron

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