Spursuader Spur Endorsements

I wore out a set of traditional spurs and bought a new set that I thought were about the same. One of my horses became very nervous and jumpy under saddle. The more rides we took the worse it got. I am not the sharpest tack in the box, so it took several rides for me to connect the behavior to the new spurs. That is where you come in. I ordered a set of Western Spursuaders and the change was immediate and very dramatic. I did not realize I was spurring her for no reason, she is very, very sensitive. You gave me my horse back !!! Thank You!
Ron Bowman, Arkansas

Just wanted to let you know that your Spursuaders are the greatest product I have ever ordered! My Sierra is thin skinned and on the sensitive side and I kept looking for something soft but that would get the job done. Since I started using your product we are at a whole new level with no resentment. Thank you so much!
A. Chesmore, Nevada

The first thing you notice about the Spursaders is, well, they're noticeable! Rather than the usual low profile spur neck they have a silver dollar sized disc on the back, designed to provide a larger, softer contact surface. The good news is that once they're on and you're on the horse they are significantly less noticeable. After the initial impression though, they do exactly what they say they will do. I used them on a range of horses, from a sensitive, overreactive but resistant TB to a backward thinking behemoth inclined to ignore the aids on principle to a sensitive horse with a significant nap. I also gave them to students to test the promise that they are an useful "starter spur" for riders who are concerned about their own skill level or their horse's reactions to a stronger aid. The Spursuaders did an excellent job all 'round, giving a good reaction without undue resistance, with almost no risk of catching or rubbing the horse. They are a relatively inexpensive, useful piece of kit and would be a good addition to anyone's tool box.
Rachel Morey
Product tester for Event Riders Assoc., Great Britain

I just purchased a pair of Spursuaders at the Equine Affarie in Massachusetts over the past weekend. Tried them right out on my horse that shuts down to conventional spurs. They worked like a charm!! Love this product, will tell everyone about them!!! Thank you!!
Ann Elizabeth Bowie

Linda I bought a pair of Western Spursuaders at the Mane Event in Chilliwack last year. I barrel race and love them.  These ones are for a friend so I can get mine back!!!
Allison Cameron

I bought a set of Spursuaders at the Equine Affair in Ohio recently. I've been really cautious about using spurs on my gelding, he's so overly sensitive, which I love, but every once in a while he's not as responsive to my lateral aids. So it has been a few months since I bought these spurs and I finally gathered the courage to use them the other day (VERY cautiously because I was afraid for the ride of my life if he noticed they were there!) and I LOVE them. He never over reacted to them. As a matter of fact, he reacted to my aids for travers and shoulder-in perfectly! They are just what I needed, a gentle persuasion! Thank you so much. 
Christina Fiebeck
CF Dressage, Florida

“I purchased your spurs at the Midwest Horse Fair! To keep it short but sweet....I LOVE THEM! I ride my Quarter Horse, Jack, both Western and Hunt Seat. Jack is an awesome show horse, however, he is a spooky soul. There have been times when he has spooked and my spur has accidentally gotten him in the side...totally my fault. A spooking horse with a large spur in his side always leads Jack to bucking. Now, with your spurs I don't even have to worry about it. The spur is just enough to give a little extra guidance but if I loose my balance or grab on in the wrong place..the spur is gentle enough not to cause a bucking spree. Thank you so much! Love your product!”
Kim Falk

I promised to report back to you and I have to say that I Love the Spursuaders. My mare can be a bit lazy but she is thin skinned and every other spur I tried left her with marks. I have been riding with the Spursuaders for 6 months now and NO Marks! Thanks again for a great product!
Julia Lim

“I love the Spursuader! My two sensitive mares are so responsive to them! The design of Spursuader is gentle but so effective in getting horses going happily forward.”
Peter Gray, 3 Time Olympian / Past Coach of the Canadian Eventing Team

“My Spursuader experience has been fantastic! My coach was a bit skeptical so I started off my lesson without them and, about halfway through, she asked me to use them. We strapped those babies on and couldn't believe the immediate results I got. He snorted and swished his tail a bit but it was more because he had to actually work and couldn't get away with only doing half of the job. He moved off of my leg and stepped up underneath himself the way he should without the scooting or bulging to avoid contact. My coach was thoroughly impressed and wants me to ride in them consistently now. Thank you a million times over for creating a product that helps us to actually ride without the extra drama. We all know there's already enough of that out in the world. ”
Doreen Guthrie
Controller Racetrack RV Inc. / Airdrie, AB 

“My horse's winter coat is very sensitive to any kind of touch – she even looses her hair on the flanks if you ride her without spurs. So I thought the Spursuaders might be a bit more "help" than riding without spurs and less damage on the hair. To be honest, I was surprised. After two weeks of using them every day, even the rather lazy the horse is responding more and more sensitively to them, obviously "thankful" for the softer touch. The start off from the walk or jog to the lope is softer and more fluent now, as the horse gets not a "kick" anymore but more of a convincing touch.”
Doris Jessen
and so many more!!