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FAQ's about the Tapestry Comfort Girth

How tight should my Tapestry Comfort Girth be?

With all girths it is so important that the girth isn't over-tightened. The elastic in our girth is meant to help the horse breathe and relax so it's paramount to not over-tighten it. We have a great video on our Youtube page that illustrates how tight the girth should be. Conversely, the girth has to be tight enough so the saddle doesn't slip.

How long does a Tapestry Comfort Girth last?

This is a very common question we get asked. Our recommendation is after 3 years of everyday use purchasing a new girth would be advised. Our Tapestry Girth isn't designed to last forever. The elastic is excellent quality but it is in contact with sweat, water and dirt.

What size of girth should I order?

It is imperative that you measure your current girth from end of buckle to end of buckle regardless of what the stamp reads in order to know what size to order.

All horse girths stretch over time, and although your older girth might be marked as a certain size, you don't know know what size it actually is until you measure it from end of buckle to end of buckle. Order the same size as your current girth. If you are between sizes go up to the next size.

The Tapestry Comfort Girth is designed to provide increased comfort for your equine partner with elastic placed where their lungs expand. Please make sure you are ordering the correct size for maximum effectiveness. 


 What size should I get?

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What size Dressage/Monoflap should I get?

 Inches Centimeters
20 51
22 56
24 61
26 66
28 71
30 76
32 81
34 86
36 91

Caring for your Tapestry Comfort Girth 

Like any other piece of horse equipment if you look after it correctly it can last a long time. Horse equipment is designed to stand up to equestrian life, but cleaning your tack will make your investment last longer.

We suggest cleaning the leather on your girth with saddle soap and oil as needed. The elastic can be cleaned with a wet or dry dandy brush and a non-chemical shampoo/soap and air dry.

Just wipe the neoprene gently with a damp cloth. Although it is solidly adhered to the leather it won't take rough treatment and is not covered under any warranty.


Dressage riders get the competitive edge!  Horses using the Tapestry Comfort Girth move freely and comfortably. The patented design places elastics where your horse needs it most while holding the saddle in place. 

The simple design allows the elastic to expand at the rib cage so your horse can breath freely. If your horse had a voice... 

Girth Details:

The Tapestry Comfort Girth has a 6" sternum pad with non-slip neoprene that helps keep the girth and saddle in place and elastic that breathes with the horse relieving pressure behind the elbows.  Quality stitching details with stainless steel buckles and a D ring for martingale or breastplate attachment.  It is available in black easy care genuine leather and elastic in sizes 24" to 32".

**For sizes 20" and 22" go to Pony Dressage/Monoflap Comfort Girth

Color: Black, Havana

Sizes 24 - 36"

Sizing & Care Instructions  

What top riders say:

"This girth’s unique design really allows a whole new level of shoulder freedom and mobility!! I noticed a difference the instant I began using it on my horses. Goose, in particular, is a huge fan!" -

Jacqui Brooks, Olympian Canadian Dressage Team




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anne M Noll
Satisfied Customer!!!

I have purchased 2 of these girths…both in the leather version and I love them! My saddles do not slip and i find that I don’t have to tighten quite as much…which my horses like! One of my horses is a newly under saddle Mustang….When I switched to this girth she was clearly more comfortable. My other horse was VERY girthy! After ruling out any medical issues I decided t try this girth! I have to say that there is a CLEAR difference in his acceptance and behavior! I know by his temperment and movement quality that he is comfortable! Thank you for this amazing design!

I like seems my horse not so much

I was enthusiastic about this girth but my mare seems to resent when I use? She is a mare, is it her or the girth? I switched back to a her fleece lined girth and the fussiness was better so I conclude she doesn’t like this particular girth.

Thanks for the feedback. Just like bits and saddles a particular girth may not work for every horse based on conformation, soreness, etc.. Our horses are always talking and you listened!

Marianne Lee
Great product

I have 3 English Tapestry girths, one Tapestry dressage girth and two Tapestry neck straps, plus a set of spursuaders. Love every one of them. Absolutely great products and I would highly recommend them all.

It’s ok.

I bought this girth (30”, black) as my horse has been struggling with girth gauls. He did seem to enjoy wearing it, and it did not gaul him in any of his normal places. But it did pinch and rub his body where the elastic meets the bottom piece. Yes, I had it snug enough. I rode in it four times and then stopped before a gaul could form. My horse is a solid first level dressage horse and we’ve been working on second level for about 8 months.

As I can’t return it, I offered it to a friend to try on her horse (who girth gauled running cross country), and it worked out great for him. It’s probably worth trying, but I wouldn’t go in with super high expectations if you’re already having girth troubles.

Hi KH! Thank you for the review. We take what our customers say to heart and for horses like yours we will have the monoflap/dressage Supafleece covers ready (fingers crossed) by years' end. They are custom designed girth covers to extend past the place where the elastic and leather meet.
However, we have had riders who had horses rub with other girths NOT rub with this one. Each horse is different :)

Carmi Reimer
love the dressage girth from you!

Adagio and I absolutely love the dressage girth from you! Adagio is much less girthy, more free to move, and all around happier! We had to switch to our old girth while his belly shed this spring, and we both hated that beast of a girth! So glad to be back in the real deal and riding hard!