Tapestry Comfort English Long Girth

The internationally patented Tapestry Comfort Girth is a premium girth that can improve performance and competitiveness in your horse producing freer, more natural movement.
If you happen to have a sensitive, or girthy horse, you absolutely must try this product. It will change your relationship with your horse.
Equestrians using our Long English Tapestry Comfort Girth can feel the difference in their horses - longer striding, a more relaxed canter, deeper and more relaxed breathing, less behavioural issues when being tacked up!


Size 46" - 58" 

Colour: Havana and Black available in certain sizes.

Sizing & Care Instructions 

What Riders Say:

"I've used the Tapestry Comfort Girth on 10+ horses. I find their toplines to be softer, and they have a quicker desire to stretch into the bridle. Those that are irritated by being girthed, now stand with a leg resting and an at ease face. I just put it on a client horse the other day and the owner was surprised she wasn't making faces and trying to nip! I use it on everyone now! I highly recommend it!"
Cedar Potts-Warner, Assistant Trainer at Baroque Farms in KY
"The girth you sent me is phenomenal! It makes such a difference on the mare that is funny about the girth. I’ve never seen anything work quite that well!"
Stephen Bradley, US Eventing Olympian, Winner of Burghley Horse Trials


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
william white
Game changer

Was ready to through in the towel on my OTTB mare I got 3 yrs ago. Was 2 steps forward and 3 back until I tried the comfort girth. She hasn’t complained since I put it on her. Will be buying one for her dressage saddle and a second for my other horse 👍🏻👍🏻

Samantha Bohlman
Better than expected

Stayed put during my recent event! I was most concerned about show jumping and cross country but I had zero issues!

Marianne Lee
Great product

I ordered a neck strap for each horse and it is great. I am ver happy with it.
In the past I have also ordered a Tapestry dressage girth, English girth, and Spursuaders. All amazing products.


My mare has responded positively to this girth! Thank you! I am ordering a second girth for shows!!!

Great girth!

I got a 48” for my little round mare. Every other girth slid into her elbows so bad I could feel them hit every step. This girth never slipped and her stride got bigger and freer immediately. I got another one for another horse which turned out to be too small. I kept it and ordered another. The sales rep was very friendly and helpful and ended up with the perfect size.