Keep It Simple.

Our horses are always talking but are we listening? That can be with regards to the bit, saddle, girth and other equipment we use on them and the training that we do with them. As a student of horsemanship and horsemastership we owe it to our horses to try our best to understand their facial, body and emotional cues.

Horses want most things in their lives to be simple - simple diet, simple tack, simple turnout, simple training. One can achieve high levels of performance with their horse by keeping the training simple yet varied. 

As a coach with over 35 years experience I have always kept my coaching and training approach simple. We teach a horse just 3 things - stop (downward transitions and half-halts), go (upward transitions, lengthen stride) and move over (all of our lateral work). That's it. Stop. Go. Moveover. 

And it is the same philosophy for the products I want to design - Keep it simple.