Tapestry Cinch Covers

Who doesn't love the feel and look of Supafleece!!
Our custom designed Supafleece cinch cover offers a premium feel for the horse avoiding girth irritations on those sensitive horses.

The girth covers are held in position by tucking the leather behind the girth buckle into a pocket and securing the cover below the end of the leather with a velcro strap. The cover extends from the buckle to the just past where the elastic and leather meet. A seamless feel for your horse!

Sold in pairs. Machine washable. Natural colour.


Standard - for cinches 26", 28"
Large - for cinches 30", 32", 34"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anne C Legros
Western Cinch

My horse had a sternum issue which the chiro mentioned may be due to always tightening the cinch on the same side, and using cinches without give. No issues since using Tapestry’s cinch with double-sided elastics. I also use a strap on both sides instead of a billet on the right. I centre my Tapestry cinch and can tighten on the side that needs it. Fleece pockets for added comfort. I have addressed the issue and my horse’s confidence is back up.

Petra McGowan
All My Girths & Cinches Are Now From Tapestry Equine

I've been exclusively using these for close to 5 years now. They deliver on their promise. They've been keeping up showing no signs of wear and tear over the years. The sheepskin covers will keep the even more comfortable. That said I don't believe my horses necessarily need them as they are as happy as they can be with the girths as they are, but the sheepskin covers sure look pretty. :)