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Jayne Turney,  Winner of 7 Regional titles and 3 British Dressage National Titles! Tapestry Equine Products, Tapestry Comfort Girth, Girth, Horse Girth
Pony rider Ambassador Ellah Dubeau-Kielty and the adorable Dust Bunny in action! Tapestry Comfort Girth, Hunter Girth, Horse Girth
Cedar Potts-Warner Assistant Trainer at Baroque Farms in KY with our Tapestry Comfort Girth, Dressage Girth, Horse Girth, Innovative Girth
Monoflap Tapestry Comfort Girth, Comfort Girth, Horse Equipment, Girth, Horse Tack, Tack
Western Girth, Tapestry Comfort Girth, Western Horse, Western, Horse Tack, Western Horse Tack
Natural Horsemanship, Tapestry Comfort Girth, Horse Girth, Horses, Horse Jumping, Tapestry Equine Products
Tapestry Equine Products, Horse Tack, Horse Girth, Eventing, horse eventing