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Care Godson

 Daniella and her Tapestry Comfort Girth

"He is a sensitive guy who doesn't like to be closed in. The first time I used the girth, he already felt better. He felt like he could breath! (Which he could) I've tried my other double end elastic on him now and again and he hates it. The saddle even fits differently. We are very happy since switching and would not choose another product."
Danielle Maria

Care Godson

 Dressage Show winnings from Care Godson

“It's been a great weekend here at CornerStone Farms Dressage Show. My Tapestry Dressage Girth is my new good luck charm!
Care Godson

"This girth is the best!! I have a mare that was so in her head and tense I never thought I would get a good canter. Well after 3 rides with this girth I can tell you I have the canter of my dreams!!!"
Nicole Gunn

"I've been using Tapestry Comfort Girth on my Thoroughbred named Indy and absolutely love the results! He's always been "girthy" and is way more relaxed and happy with this girth, as well as he feels much softer overall when riding. This product is phenomenal and I tell everyone who asks about it how great I've found it to be so far!"
Teri Simone

I just love my Tapestry Comfort Girth for my OTTB! I felt the difference immediately! Thank you Linda!
Michele St. Amant

Just wanted to let you know how much my horse loves the girth! She is much more comfortable and moves off with much longer strides right from the beginning of the ride.
Happy customer :)
Christine Jany

I ride a lovely horse whose most annoying habit has always been being quite "girthy" - he walked up and down and side to side on the cross ties as soon as you put a saddle on, and you always had to move with him and risk getting stepped on as you did up the girth. He got a Tapestry Comfort Girth and started behaving better within a few rides, and now, a couple of months later, he's a changed horse when you're tacking up! There's no dancing, no risk of being stepped on, no circling around when you're tightening the girth before mounting - there's just standing and behaving! I love how much just a simple change of girth could change his whole attitude about being tacked up.
Brianne Service

I demoed the prototype Tapestry Comfort Cinch for my Western saddle when it was in development, and was very impressed. After the trial I returned to using my mohair cinch, and my mare started pinning her ears when the cinch was done up. As a horse behavior consultant I frequently see horses displaying behaviors such as ear pinning when their tack is ill-fitting or uncomfortable, and my own mare was communicating just that. The ear pinning stopped when we received and started using our keeper Tapestry Comfort Cinch. I also use it for my other horses, and recommend it to clients too.
Lauren Fraser, CHBC

"I love my Tapestry Comfort Girth. Both of my Connemaras are a bit of a tricky fit, especially if I let them get fat. Narrow shoulders and a big belly are not a good thing. I think girth comfort has been a struggle for both of them, especially the one that works as a lesson horse and doesn't always have me around looking out for her. She immediately moved better. Interestingly, she has always preferred the right canter lead to the left. With the Tapestry Comfort Girth she happily picks up the left, anyplace, first time".
Krista Breen

"During a follow up massage with one of my clients, I noted to the owner that the tension consistently found throughout the horse's shoulders as well as inhis pectorals region and girth area, had improved significantly. He felt much more symmetrical from left to right and was content with allowing me to work in these areas. I was told the only change to his training and equipment was that he had been wearing The Tapestry Comfort Girth for about four months. I was instantly excited at the fact that this girth had made such a positive change in the horses body in such a short amount of time. I cannot wait to recommend this product to clients of mine who's horses suffer from the same issues of being a typical "girthy" horse.
Vanessa Hayes, Registered Equine Massage Therapist www.handsonhorses.ca

"I thought I should tell you my story. I am starting a two year old. I have saddled her three times now using your girth. No straining or humping, moves very freely in trot. I am amazed and very pleased".
Margie Godson, Owner Myrrdin Farms

“After using the new Tapestry Comfort girth for 2 weeks on my notoriously difficult mare I, not thinking put her usual girth on which is fleece with elastic on both sides. Well that was a bad idea. I mounted her only to be met with a miserable, ears pinned kicking out at me beast who wanted nothing to do with working. After a few minutes of misery, I was ready to put her away and call it a day. I figured well, why not try the new girth again. What's the worst that can happen! To my complete surprise she instantly became agreeable and was happy to work. Cantering around beautifully and jumping a 3 ft vertical with absolute pleasure. I absolutely didn't know what to think. I am sold !!! This mare can be very, very difficult at times and has been known to announce her own hiatus during the winter months. So far with this new girth and a few other changes she is much happier!"

Hi Linda, Just want to say thanks again for allowing me to try out the comfort girth before purchasing it. With many school horses, keeping the happy and healthy is a priority. My TB mare seemed to get more girthy by the week. We changed her saddle, girth, changed sides for mounting, also had massage and acupuncture done. She was clearly unhappy with the girthing up. Under saddle she started to slow down and pushing her on became the norm but unlike her. After trying the comfort girth for the first two days she began to move out again! In fact by day two I was having to hold her back from wanting to canter the whole time which was definitely a nice change. We are now into week two and things just keep getting better! I also purchased a second one for another horse and he is much more comfortable moving out better. I am now trying the girth on several of the other school horses to see how they respond. I will keep you posted and may be purchasing more girths! Thanks for thinking outside the box for these horses!
Lyssa Caine, Owner Camp Joshua

"I bought a Tapestry Comfort Girth at Equine Affaire in Springfield last fall for my 4 year old Holsteiner mare. To that point she had just begun learning to canter under saddle and was exhibiting typical "baby" resistance and rushing. Upon switching to our new girth, I found that she rapidly (within the first two rides) began breathing deeper and relaxing more through all of her work. Her canter work seemed to come around much quicker as well. Since the day I bought this girth, I have yet to pass it up for a different one. I would recommend this fantastic girth for any and all horses and riders!"
Nicki Tolppa

Thanks Linda I love the Tapestry Comfort Girth, but more importantly my horse does. He is free in his shoulder, breaths deeper and it is less work for me to get him going forward. I switched to my old leather girth once to see the difference and it was night and day. I couldn't get him to move forward at all. I am a huge fan of your product. Also I have been using this girth for about 6 months now and it hasn't stretched out at all I'm on the same holes as when I first started with it. Keep up the great work Linda with your awesome innovative products!
Keri Sine, Owner Keralot Tack Shop

So I met Linda at the Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio and I listened to her solutions on why my little Dun quarter horse could be acting up every time she is saddled well she felt it could be her girth being pinchy on her so with reservations I purchased a Tapestry Comfort Girth and tried it. At first she (my mare) seemed as if she was waiting for some kind of discomfort and when she realized it wasn't going to hurt she softened immediately. She is a whole different horse. Thank you so very much.
Pammy Bohland

"Love the girth- well made and what a difference when tacking up. I kept waiting for a response, but once he realized this was different, he just stood without pinning his ears. Thanks again for great customer service and fast shipping!"
Elizabeth Homer

Just to let you know...I bought a Western girth at the Equine Affaire from you. It really made a difference! Life is better! And one of my riders has had your Western spurs for awhile and she loves them! Thank you!"
Coach of the Purdue Western Equestrian Team, Indiana

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